Youth Theater Program


Here at Playhouse 2000, we strive every day to expand the variety and quality of arts and entertainment offerings available to the Hill Country. We are proud to manage and program the beautiful Kathleen C. Cailloux City Center for the Performing Arts, a facility that was created to foster increased participation in and enjoyment of the performing arts. Full Auditorium H&G 2012

Unfortunately, too many of the Hill Country’s school-age children miss out on those opportunities.  The cost of tickets, classes, camps, and other programs are often just too high.  Both parents and schools have difficulties meeting these costs.

We hope to eliminate those roadblocks for thousands of children in and around Kerrville with a series of events created just for them.  It presents appropriate events for their developmental levels; it is offered through their school and during the school day; and the cost is FREE!

We also give students the opportunity to create their own productions and present them in the VK Garage Theater, at retirement homes, and in libraries.  Kids at PerformanceThis program is also free of charge. We can make these dreams a reality for children who have no other opportunity to experience the performing arts; children who are missing opportunities to expand their horizons, open their minds and learn about more than just their next high-stakes test.

For information on the latest Youth Theater Program production and to purchase tickets, click here.  To become a member of the Youth Theater Program and help support the performing arts for the kids of Kerrville and the Hill Country, click here.