Witness For The Prosecution AUDITIONS:  A Courtroom Thriller by Agatha Christie

We’re once again at the start of an exciting process – preparing to present another outstanding script from the queen of thrillers, Agatha Christie.  Witness For The Prosecution has often been called her best play, with enough plot twists to amaze even the most jaded theater-goer.
We’re looking for a very large cast for this show.  We hope YOU will come out to auditions on SUNDAY, August 26 at 2:30 or MONDAY, August 27 at 6:30 in the Werlein Annex Studio.
Amy Goodyear will direct this piece, which will be presented in a very “environmental” style in the VK Garage’s version of an English courtroom as designed by Judd Vermillion.
Amy offers these notes on available roles:
“This is the minimal cast to make the show work.  If possible, I may also cast some additional clerks, a court stenographer, ushers, other cops, etc. but these characters will have no lines.  The Jury Foreman will be a guest star each night and pre-selected members of the audience will be seated in the jury box as the jury.”
Character Descriptions – ages are variable a bit
In order of appearance:
  • GRETA (20s-30s) – “Sir Wilfred’s typist – An adenoidal girl with a good opinion of herself”
  • CARTER (30s-50s?) – Chief Clerk, a little uptight, not much of sense of humor
  • MR. MAYHEW (30s-50s) – “a typical middle-age solicitor, shrewd and rather dry and precise in manner”
  • LEONARD VOLE (20s-30s) – the defendant, a “likeable, friendly young man”
  • SIR WILFRED ROBARTS, Q.R. (30s-50s) – defense attorney, very smart, commanding, professional
  • INSPECTOR HEARNE (30s-50s?) – the investigating officer, congenial and perhaps a little slow but overall good at his job
  • ROMAINE HEILGER (30s) – Leonard’s “wife”, “a foreign woman of great personality, but very quiet – her voice has a strangely ironic inflection”
  • MR. JUSTICE WAINWRIGHT (50s-70s) – the judge, serious, intimidating, respected, classic
  • MR. MYERS, Q.C. (30s-50s) – prosecuting attorney for the Crown – a little less experienced and more dramatic than Robarts, but very competent
  • DR. WYATT (50s-70s) – police surgeon who examined the victim (one scene)
  • JANET MACKENZIE (40s-60s) – the victim’s housekeeper, “a tall, dour-looking Scotswoman – her face is set in a grim line” (one scene)
  • THOMAS CLEGG (30s-50s) – assistant in the forensic lab at Scotland Yard (one scene)
  • A POLICEMAN – no lines but present and active during all the courtroom scenes, escorting witnesses, restraining Leonard, etc.
  • GIRL (20s) – a surprise guest in the final scene “young, strawberry blonde with a crude obvious appeal” (one scene)
We hope to see you there – and why not invite a friend to join you?  We love adding members to the P2K family!

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