ROMEO AND JULIET Rehearsals Underway

Rehearsals are well underway for the third annual Playhouse 2000/City of Kerrville “Shakespeare In The Park” production of Romeo and Juliet.

The cast (full list below) and crew, under the direction of Sarah Distel and Stage Manager Tish Miller, are working hard preparing for the show to open at 8:00 on Friday, June 6th, with a second performance at 8:00 on Saturday, June 7th.

Due to ongoing park renovations, this year’s SITP will move from Louise Hays Park to the grounds of The Kathleen C. Cailloux City Center for the Performing Arts.  The big “green space” between The Cailloux Theater are Jefferson Street will become our temporary performance space, and you’re invited to put together a picnic, grab some lawn chairs and blankets, and make yourself at home.

Complete Cast List
Chorus- Jeff Cunningham
Prince- Jim Boman
Paris- Treston Mack
Montague- John Binion
Capulet- Chris Distel
Romeo- David McGuff
Tybalt- Trevor Stewart
Mercutio- Mitch Mitchell
Benvolio- Steve Roberts
Friar Lawrence- Maggie Meek
Friar John- Jim Boman
Balthasar- Steven Walker
Abram- John Binion
Sampson- Steven Walker
Gregory- Treston Mack
Servant/ Peter- Treston Mack
Apothecary- Paula Karl
Lady Montague- Darcey Wagner
Lady Capulet- Katharine Schaafs
Juliet- Maikenzy DeZarn
Nurse- Nancy Reagan

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