Pirates of Penzance Cast Announced

OK – wait no longer. Thanks to everyone for a great audition! We’ve put together a fantastic cast, and i know we’re going to have a lot of fun this summer. The full list is below. Please call the P2K office if you have any reason NOT to accept the role offered. We look forward to working with all of you!
Pirates of Penzance Cast List
The Pirate King: Kerry Goff
Mabel: Rachel McCormick
Frederic: Tony Farmer
Major General Stanley: Rob Ward
Ruth: Ginny Shaw
Sergeant of Police: Zachary Perrin
Samuel: Adam Guerra
Edith: Michelle Deanna Sorenson
Kate: Taylor Sparkman
Isabel: Rachel Simpson
Chorus of Daughters:
Joan Albor [option to join the men’s chorus]
Joan Bryson
Maggie Meek
Phoenix Miller
Ella O’Donnell
Alina McCormick
Malia Segura
Nora Segura [Option to join the men’s chorus]
Chrislyn Sparkman
Carol Vincent
Carole Weatherred
Chorus of Pirates & Police:
[Joan Albor]
David Beckemeier
Neill Day
Ken DeZarn
Jared Graf
Andy Redus
[Nora Segura]
Joe Tally-Foos
Tom Terrell

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