P2K Youth Theater will present Myths Busted

Our still-very-new P2K Youth Theater Program will present their next project very soon.

Myths Busted takes a “fractured fairly tales” look at several stories from the land of myth, and features many young actors creating a variety of characters.  They include:

Drew: Suzanna Rye
Homer:  Ethan VanFossenBraden: Jackson Taylor

Ruby: Elyse Brooks

Missy:  Anne-Elise Barton

Isabelle: Beth Cunningham

Mr. Claybourne: Isaiah Brooks


Zeus: Lyle Goodyear

Hera: Hailey Erlund

Farm Wife 1: Emily Morgan

Farm wife 2: Isabel Ebin

Farm wife 3:Maya Garcia


Prometheus: Kaylee Hays

Athena: Norah Distel

Goddess 1: Trinidad Laurenzi

Goddess 2: Elise Cotter

Goddess 3: Kamryn Hayes


Hades: Cruz Garcia

Demeter: Emma Buckaloo

Persephone: Ella O’Donnell


Apollo: John Louis Barton

Artemis: Phoenix Miller

Candy: Madeleine Barton

Orion: Bhodey Miller

Eos: Trinidad Laurenzi

Mother of Earth: Providence Taylor

Scorpio:  Ariana Ibarra

The Stage Manager is Elena Argil.  Technical Direction is by Roman Garcia.  Lights are by Colton VanFossen, and Costuming is provided byRachel Simpson.  The Backstage Crew includes Jaden Rief and Paloma Garcia.   Special thanks to Mikhah Johnson for providing “An extra set of eyes, help with homework, and young person wrangling.”  And, of course, the whole shebang is directed and coordinated by Sarah Distel.

The “opening act” will be a reading/performance of the famous Where the Sidewalk Ends created by our youngest participants. The cast will include Theo Distel, Dylan Miller, Lucy Cunningham, Atticus Taylor,Riker Patrick, Ridge Patrick, Augie Caesar, Heidi Norris, Hannah Brooks, Elijah Brooks, Hayden Michelle Magnell, Reese Schwartz,Parker Anne Hutchton, and Lily Olafson.  Thanks to our High School assistant Lily Reeves for her help with this show.

Join us at the VK Garage Theater May 8, 9 and 10.  Friday and Saturday at 7:30, Sunday at 2:30.  Tickets just $7.50 for adults, $5 for kids.

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