Opening Night for Octette Bridge Club

Meet the Cast at the Opening Night Reception

As they sang in the old Bugs Bunny Theme Song: “on with the show!  this is IT!”The weeks of preparation have been completed, and the cast and crew of P. J. Barry’s The Octette Bridge Club are ready to bring this heartwarming, funny, and poignant play to its deserving audience.

Featuring a veritable “who’s who” of outstanding Hill Country women, the cast includes (from left) Joan Bryson as “Martha,” Barbara Frenchas “Alice,” Michele Van Fossen as “Ann,” Maggie Meek as “Lil,” Louise Kohl Leahy as “Mary,” Nancy Reagan as “Connie,” Annie Rott as “Betsy” and Christine Crowley as “Nora.”  The Stage Manager is Ginny Shaw, Light and Sound control is by Darcey Wagner, and the Director is Amy Goodyear.

The play tells the story of the eight Donavan Sisters, who get together once a month to enjoy an evening of Bridge.  It’s October, 1934 when the play begins, and the ladies are being photographed for a story in the local newspaper.  The second act takes place ten years later, and we enjoy finding out all that is new – and what remains the same – across that decade.
It’s a wonderful evening of theater.  Make plans today to see it between August 21and September 6 in the VK Garage Theater!

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