Octette Bridge Club Opens August 21

The VK Garage Theater is currently in “construction and rehearsal mode” as Your P2K prepares to present the warm, wise, and witty comedy drama The Octette Bridge Club beginning August 21.

Here are a couple of examples: Neill Day works on a portion of the set, and Scenic Designer Judd Vermillion painting the very realistic hard-wood floor.
Where would we be without the wonderful “behind the scenes” volunteers who make everything happen at P2K?  When their work is done for the day, we clean up enough for the eight outstanding actresses, their Stage Manager and Director can go to work. [But all of that will change soon!]
This is shaping up to be a beautiful production!  Make plans today to see The Octette Bridge Club  from August 21through September 6 in the VK Garage Theater!

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