Next Youth Theater Cast Announced

Here it is!! See you on the 24th for Chrysanthemum and the 25th for Hound! Scripts are available in the office for everyone with lines. I’m ordering more for everyone else and I will have them on the 25th:)

Assistant Director: Elena Argil
Stage Manager: Trinidad Laurenzi
Assistant Stage Manager: Ella O’Donnell
Prop Manager: Theo Distel
Technical Director: Grayson Kasparek
Sound: Isa Barker
Lights: Beth Cunningham
Crew: Soren Bowlby
Costume: Victoria Sheffield
Allie Kate Daschel

Charlie Clackerville: Ben Yoder
Beulah: Dharma Dinkla
Brunhilda: Ashley Hanna
Doc: Abe Dozier
Granny: Phaedra Bowlby
Milly: June Rye
Tilly: Hannah Brooks
Conductor: Elijah Brooks
Sherlock: Caroline Daschel
Watson: Bhodey Miller
Daisy: Norah Distel
Ma: Elyse Brooks
Gabby: Kayla Clendenning
Katie: Kaitlyn Yoder
Lottie: Clara Yoder
Cleo: Marin Melton
Harmonia: Kendal Dye
Sweetie: Jordan Huber
Sue Bob: Camille Sheffield
Lou Bob: Lucy Cunningham
Hank: Isaiah Brooks
Nellie: Lauren Wolff
Sadie: Rowyn Bowlby
Sherriff: Dylan Miller
Deputy: Anaya Grisales
Mata: Luke Huber
Hari: Adam Richard
Willy: Logan Larranaga
Micky: Noah Huber
TBA: Ava Lea O’Donnell

Extra: (towns people and passengers and dancers and students and swamp things and guests)
Hadley Dinkla
Lulu Stebbins
Kenna Nichols
Amy Baker
Brody Butler
Kaylee Nichols
Emilee Rae Boothby
Charlie Basse
Austin Monteith

Archer Lockhart
Sophie Distel
Emma Campbell
Rosie Flores
Hadley Dinkla
Abi Huber
Norah Underhill
Olivia Elliston
Olivia’s Friend

Thank You!!

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