Next in Season 2018 : Impossible Marriage 

The history of the “Comedy of Manners” goes back a long way. These plays that base their humor in the foibles of the upper classes were made famous as far back as The Restoration period, and are perhaps best known today for titles by Oscar Wilde and Noel Coward.
Much more recently – about the time that Playhouse 2000 was getting its start – Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Beth Henley penned a “Modern Comedy of Manners” that turns the genre on its head with her trademark Southern Women and her dark brand of humor.

Impossible Marriage gives us a glimpse into the lives of the Kingsley family, a well-to-do Mother and two grown daughters, the younger of which is about to be married to a much older man.

We experience the roller coaster of romantic and familial entanglements over the course of twenty four hours in which this family’s lives are changed forever.

Along the way, we find humor in difficult situations and learn something about what kinds of things are truly “impossible.”

The cast features Barbara French as the matriarch, “Kandal,” Amy Goodyear and Sharlaina Lowry as her two daughters, “Floral” and “Pandora,” Marcus Goodyear as Floral’s husband, “Jonsey,” Ken DeZarn as Pandora’s intended, “Edvard Lunt”, Ethan Van Fossen as Edvard’s disaffected son, “Sidney” and Dale Green as “Rev. Larence.”

The show is being directed and designed by Jeffrey Brown.  Kerri Sparkman is the Stage Manager.  Costumes are being designed by Diane Royce-Smith.

Make plans today to see Impossible Marriage in the VK Garage Theater between June 15 and July 1.  Reserve tickets today by calling (830) 896-9393 or clicking HERE.

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