Joseph Cast Announced

Thanks to all who came out to audition!  We are looking forward to a great summer!

Narrator                  Michelle Sorenson
Joseph                      Tony Farmer
Jacob                        Wright Roussel (also member of the Ensemble)

Brothers (all will also be members of the Ensemble)
Brian Brannan            One More Angel feature
Zach Perrin                Canaan Days feature
Adam Guerra             Benjamin Calypso feature
Ian Banchs                 Also Butler
Ginny Shaw                 Also Baker
Chris Distel                Also Pharaoh
Marcus Goodyear   Also Potiphar
Amy Goodyear          Also Potiphar’s Wife
Macy Rhodes
Ann Rott
Darcey Wagner

Ensemble (Chorus, Wives, Ishmaelites, Egyptians, all other characters)
Jim Boman
Joan Bryson
Neill Day
Diane Fitch
James Jordan
Deanna Jordan
Shari Snyder
Kit Standridge
Carol Vincent
Carol Weatherred
Cathy Willson

Isaiah Brooks
Elyse Brooks
Beth Cunningham
Theo Distel
Norah Distel
Zana Evans
Ella O’Donnell
Alexander Rott
Andrew Snyder
Christianna Snyder
Lucy Standridge
Reygan Story

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