Jeeves cast employs unique rehearsal technique

Preparing a show to open in early February requires getting started well before Christmas, and the cast of Jeeves Takes a Bow launched their rehearsals a couple of weeks ago.

This created a bit of a logistical problem for Schreiner U. student Houston Glover, who’s tackling the role of “Jeeves” in his P2K debut.  Houston traveled home to be with family during the Schreiner break, but he’s not missing rehearsals here in Kerrville!

 Stage Manager Kerri Sparkman explains: “We used FaceTime on my iPad to connect with Houston” she said. “He has such a big part as Jeeves that we wanted to keep him up on blocking while he is on Christmas Break.”

Kerri says that, so far, it’s been a big help.  “It works well!  He gets time reading his lines and we have a stand-in marking his blocking. He is able to get his blocking notes in real time.”

And the technology has been reliable, too.  “We only had a few disconnects, and we have always been able to get the connection back quickly.”

Ah – it’s truly a brave new world we live in.  Here’s wishing the whole Jeeves cast and crew a great rehearsal period – with a nice break to enjoy the Christmas and New Year holidays!

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