Happily Ever Laughter Closes with Sold Out Crowds

Meet Joanna Winslow:  

Joanna (played by Amanda Radkiewicz) has finally taken the step of moving out on her own.  She’s rented a fourth floor walk-up in a converted warehouse building, and she’s excited to be starting a life of independence.Joanna’s parents, Charles and Martha, (Jim Boman and Judy Wheatley) are not completely in favor of this move.   Martha, in particular, thinks the place is “a dump” as says as much to the somewhat lackadaisical Building Superintendant Mr. Galetti (Tom Terrell.)  
And they may have a point, as, in her 2nd night living alone, Joanna is surprised to find her across-the-hall neighbor, Brad Daniels, (played by Tony Farmer) in her living room wearing nothing but a towel!

Her surprise is matched by the irritation of her fiance – “What’s-His-Name” – a rather gruff and old-fashioned guy from some European nation-state (played by David Pryor).

It makes for quite a situation, and the laughs just kept on coming all night long!

Many thanks to Darcey Wagner, making her P2K Directorial debut, and Kerri Sparkman, the show’s Stage Manager.  Together, they have created a production that got standing ovations from sell-out crowds throughout the entire run.


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