Halloween Event at Grape Juice

Kick off the Halloween Season Right! 

One of Kerrville’s best gathering places gets even better once a month when they host “Grape Juice Gives Back” – a special evening which highlights and raises money for a deserving non-profit.  On this night, a portion of food sales goes directly to the charity of choice, and that group has an opportunity to ply the patrons for their participation in other ways as well.




We hope you’ll join the gang at Grape Juice, located at 623 Water Street (near the corner with Sidney Baker – next door to Joe Herring’s printing shop) to enjoy a nice dinner and launch your Halloween-time celebrations.


Because we’re a theater company, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to encourage our friends to don costumes, so we’re hosting the season’s first Costume Contest!  Our judges, Dr. Tim Summerlin, Mrs. Judy Ferguson, and Mr. Tom Moser, will be selecting the very best to win tickets to P2k’s production of A Christmas Carol this December.


We’re also selling tickets for a raffle with a great prize.  The lucky winner will take home two Box-Seat tickets to see the Valentine’s Day Concert by the world famous Glenn Miller Orchestra, plus gift certificates for dinner at Grape Juice and Roses from The Little Shop of Flowers (both places we recommend highly.)  The total prize package is worth about $425!  Get your chance for $5, or three chances for $10.


It’s a Halloween-Themed Bash we know you’ll enjoy.  Be at Grape Juice from 5pm to 9pm on Thursday, October 10th – or be square!

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