Forum Cast Announced!!



A Funny Thing Happened  on the Way to the Forum   

Hey Gang!  Thanks for your enthusiastic auditions!  We are looking forward to working with all of you this summer.

We’ll have our first meeting on

TUESDAY, MAY 31, AT 6:00 in the VK Garage Theater

We’ll spend about an hour getting acquainted, and talk about some things everyone will need to know when rehearsals begin in earnest on June 1.  Those who are involved in Hamlet will be able to make your regular rehearsal time.

Again, thanks for being part of the Playhouse 2000, family!  Let’s have a great show!

Pseudolus: Slave to Hero                                                 Amy Goodyear

Hysterium: Head slave of the House of Senex             Jeffrey Hensel

Hero: Young son in the House of Senex                   Marcus Goodyear

Philia: a young woman owned by Marcus Lycus        Jennifer Reiley

Senex: a Roman Senator                               TO BE ANNOUNCED

Domina: Senex’s Wife                                   Jane L. Sansom-Brown

Marcus Lycus: a Procurer of Wives                          Jim Boman

Miles Gloriosus: a Roman Soldier                            Ian Banchs

Erronius                                                       Wright Roussel

The Courtesans of Marcus Lycus                    to be selected from among the Proteans





Proteans (at one time or another)       Ian Banchs

Mary Boman

Paige Larranaga

Jack Merrington

Ann Rott

Nora Segura

Ginny Shaw

Rachel Simpson

Elizabeth Snyder

Christiana Snyder

Michele VanFossen

Evan Vera

Carol Vincent


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