Continuing the  20th Anniversary Season – The Glitter Girls  

The Texas Premiere of a Comedy by Mark Dunn

Playhouse 2000 is pleased and proud to be presenting the Texas Premiere of a brand new comedy by Mark Dunn, creator of Five Tellers Dancing In The Rain and other plays.

Mark describes The Glitter Girls as “Steel Magnolias meets Survivor,” and it is a unique combination of Southern Comedy and reality television.
In order to claim a very large inheritance, the members of “The Glitter Girls” – a sometimes benevolent society of aging girl-friends – must choose a single member from their ranks as the most worthy. As they vote “out” one member at a time, the claws come out, and hilarity – and some tender moments – ensue.
Auditions will be held on Sunday, July 1 at 2:30 and Monday, July 2 at 6:30 in the Studio of the Kit Werlein Annex. No advance preparation is necessary, but scripts are available for a limited check out at the P2K Office in the VK Garage Theater.
Roles Available
(ages are suggestions only – can be played by a wide range):
  • Mayvonne Rausch: (plays 70’s) sweet and mothering, but won’t be pushed around – lovely and well-groomed, very smart.
  •  Mamie Ewing: (plays 60’s) handsome, well-dressed, with a sophisticated air, but with an abrasive quality she can’t help.
  •  Trudy Tromaine: (plays 60’s) rich and eccentric, with a reputation for color and flamboyance – and proud of it.
  • Flossie Price: (plays 50’s – 60’s) grew up poor and married well; she maintains the manners and accent she was raised with.
  •  Valerie Fairhope (plays mid 40’s) maintaining a youthful figure through Zumba, and not shy about showing it off.
  • Corinne Culvert: (plays mid 30’s) good looking but bedraggled right now thanks to trouble at home.
  • Patty Wesley: (plays mid-20’s) young, but comfortable in the company of her older friends, smart and analytical, feisty, but rarely confrontational.


  • Arpege LaCroix (aka Arnold Cross) (almost any age) a man with secrets – and open to using a female disguise to “hide in plain sight.”
  • Charlie Seaburn: (plays mid-20’s) bashful, but hard working. Studying to become a lawyer.
  • Dowd Foster: (plays 50’s) a “good-ole-boy” if ever there was one.
The Glitter Girls will be directed by R Sheldon Boyce.
Show dates are August 17 through September 2 in the VK Garage Theater.

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