Concluding the 20th Anniversary Season: Witness For The Prosecution 

A Courtroom Thriller by Agatha Christie

Playhouse 2000 has had a great time producing the plays of “Queen of Thrillers” Agatha Christie.  If you’ve been a P2K fan for a while, you may remember Appointment With Death, The Mousetrap (twice!), and Season 2016’s spectacular And Then There Were None.

That’s why we’re confident that you will truly enjoy our latest endeavor.

“We had a really great experience putting together And Then There Were None,” said Amy Goodyear, popular P2K actress and Stage Director for this production, “and the audiences just loved it. A lot of the actors who created that show are back with me to work on Witness, and we’re having a lot of fun with it.”

Amy is leading one of the largest casts for a non-musical play ever assembled by P2K. In all, nineteen actors will play characters including the staff of a 1950’s English courtroom, replete with barristers, wardens, stenographers, policemen and more, plus a host of witnesses and, of course, the accused.

In addition to the large permanent cast, a series of “Guests” will appear in the brief role of “Foreman of the Jury.” Several local luminaries – including Mayor Bill Blackburn and Schreiner U President Charlie McCormick – have agreed to take the part.  They will be joined in the jury box by eleven audience members who will receive a “summons” to serve when they arrive.

Christie’s elaborate courtroom drama, which was built from a short story she wrote in the 1920’s, tells the twisted tale of a young man accused of a vicious murder, with all of the evidence appearing to be against him. Famous Barrister Sir Wilfred Robarts has been charged with his defense, but even he is amazed by the surprising turns this case takes before it is resolved.

As in all of Christie’s stage plays, the audience will be kept guessing until the very end, when an amazing “trick ending” provides the evening’s climax.

Join us for Opening Weekend, Friday and Saturday, October 19 and 20 at 7:30 in the VK Garage Theater.  General Admission seating is just $22.

Additional performances continue through November 4, with two Matinees on Sundays October 28 and November 4.

A special, mid-week “Early Show” will be presented on Thursday, November 1 at 7:00.  All seats at this performance are just $15.

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