Coming October 30: A Brand New Film with Local Ties

Texas – The Hill Country in particular – is becoming very popular among independent film makers looking for beautiful settings.  While the crews are here, some local folks have been getting involved both behind and in front of the camera.

To show our support for this effort, P2K has partnered with local entrepreneur and stout Kerrville proponent Eric Reinholt (who also puts in some major screen time here) to bring a brand new film to the VK Garage Theater just in time for Halloween.

Here’s a note from the director, “Raj” Chheda:

“Everyone wants to tell a story, but turning the story into a feature length film takes a lot more than desire. I invite folks to spend an evening with me talking about the making of “The Emeryville Experiments” that started in 2006 and took over 10 years to complete.

” ‘Emeryville’ is a thriller about four stranded college students who seek help when their car breaks down.  The newcomers eventually discover the town was once used for clinical experiments aimed at turning damaged people into productive members of society.  The quiet and compassionate Doctor Kowolski, played by Kerrville’s own Eric Reinholt, discovers the experiment can go horribly wrong.”

You can meet Raj, hear a little bit of his story, and preview The Emeryville Experiments on Sunday, October 30th at 7:00 pm in the VK Garage Theater.  Tix are $10, and only 100 seats will be available.  See the very impressive film trailerHERE, which is also where you can make advance reservations and avoid a possible sell-out.

This is a great way to: 1 – support local film, 2 – learn a little bit about the process of making and distributing a film and 3 – enjoying a great thriller in an intimate space just in time for Halloween!  We’ll see you there.

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