We’re all excited that this year’s Summer Musical, the hysterical, historical comedy A Funny Thing Happened On a Way to the Forum will start a three-weekend run on Friday!
The cast includes several Playhouse 2000 favorites, including the return of Virgil Justice in the role of “Senex” after a long absence from the stage. Amy Goodyeartackles the role of “Pseudolus” which is usually played by men. Marcus Goodyearand Jennifer Reiley are winning in their depictions of the young lovers “Hero” and “Philia.”
Jeffery Hensel steals the show with his turn as “Hysterium,” the nervous house slave to Senex and Domina, played by Jane Sansom-Brown in her Playhouse 2000 debut. Other roles are filled by Jim Boman, Ian Banchs, Nora Segura, Peter Lewis, Jack Merrington, Neill Day, Mary Boman, Carol Vincent, Jessica Roberts, Taylor Sparkman, Michelle VanFossen, Rachel Simpson, Lucinda Harvey, Wright Roussel and Evan Vera.
The show has been directed by Playhouse 2000 Executive Director Jeffrey Brown, with Music Direction by Michael Kahl and Choreography by Heather Cunningham. They are ably assisted by Stage Managers Rachel Boland and Kerri Sparkman. Scenic design was by Judd Vermillion, Costume Design by Devon McLaughlin, Props Design by Nancy Stuart and Barbara French, and Lighting/Sound Design and Technical Direction by Nicholas Boland.
This musical will will open on the Cailloux Theater stage on Friday, July 15th at 7:30pm, and continue for three weekends. All Friday and Saturday shows will begin at7:30, and a Sunday Matinee performance, on July 24th, will begin at 2:30.

Tickets are available from $15 to $25, and all seating is reserved. Tickets can be purchased in advance by calling the Box Office at (830) 896-9393 or online When available, tickets will also be sold at the door on the night of performance.

About Forum 

…Forum was the first Broadway show with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, one of American Musical’s most honored composers. It has a book by Larry Gelbart – the creator of M*A*S*H – and award-winning author and director Burt Shevelove; the show has more than enough laughs to live up to its theme song, “Comedy Tonight.”
Based on actual scripts by the ancient Roman playwright Plautus, Forum uses modern forms to tell the traditional tale of Pseudolus, a slave to Hero, the son of Roman Senator Senex and his overbearing wife, Domina. When Hero falls for Philia, who has been sold into marriage to the famous soldier Miles Gloriosus, Pseudolus schemes to earn his freedom with the help of fellow slave Hysterium. As were those ancient comedies, Forum is gleefully bawdy and unfailingly fun.

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