P2K YOUTH THEATER Traveling to Youth Conference with The Hundred Dresses

The P2K Youth Theatre Program ensures that all the wonderful experiences adults enjoy at Playhouse 2000 are also available to young folks.

In the same way P2K participates in the AACT/Fest cycle of One-Act-Play competition, our Youth have entered the festival fray with a production of Ralph Covert and G. Riley Mills’ play adaptation of Eleanor Estes outstanding novel The Hundred Dresses.

We’re proud to say that the group earned an invitation to participate in the Texas Nonprofit Theatres Youth Conference June 12 to 16 in Irving, Texas. They’ll join more than 20 companies whose young actors will create outstanding performances over the five days of the festival.

Companies apply to perform at the Youth Conference, bringing their own show to be performed for the other conferees and the general public, with tickets available for purchase at the box office before each show. Each of the shows receives feedback from a qualified Commentator, adding to the educational value of the showcases.

You’ll get a chance to preview The Hundred Dresses before it hits the road. Watch this space for details.

The cast of The Hundred Dresses includes Isa Barker as “Wanda,” Phaedra Bowlby as “Peggy,” Beth Cunningham as “Maddie,” Camille Sheffield as “Jan,” Isaiah Brooks as “Jack,” Caroline Daschel as “Cecile,” Dharma Dinkla as “Willie,” Eleanor Distel as “Miss Mason,” and Elyse Brooks as “Svenson,”

Luke Huber will handle lighting control; Kendal Dye is the student Costumer.
The Stage Manager is Trinidad Laurenzi, with Assistant Stage Manager Clara Yoder and Road Manager Ella O’Donnell. The entire production is supervised and directed by Sarah Distel.

P2K Youth Theater Program “Blitz” Theater 

Many members of the P2K Youth Theater Program had a unique experience over Spring Break – a 24-hour project to create a fully realized play in one day!

More than 20 young people arrived at the theater on Monday at 7:00 pm prepared to spend the night working toward a performance of Stephen Gregg’s witty and timely one-act This is a Test.

By 7:00 the next night, the kids has selected directors,

assigned the parts, created sets and props, designed costumes and lights, learned their lines, and raised the curtain on a performance for parents, friends and supporters.

Just another example of outstanding experiences provided by the folks at Playhouse 2000!  Many thanks to the parent volunteers who helped make this happen, and to our Youth Program leader, Sarah Distel.

Next Youth Theater Cast Announced

Here it is!! See you on the 24th for Chrysanthemum and the 25th for Hound! Scripts are available in the office for everyone with lines. I’m ordering more for everyone else and I will have them on the 25th:)

Assistant Director: Elena Argil
Stage Manager: Trinidad Laurenzi
Assistant Stage Manager: Ella O’Donnell
Prop Manager: Theo Distel
Technical Director: Grayson Kasparek
Sound: Isa Barker
Lights: Beth Cunningham
Crew: Soren Bowlby
Costume: Victoria Sheffield
Allie Kate Daschel

Charlie Clackerville: Ben Yoder
Beulah: Dharma Dinkla
Brunhilda: Ashley Hanna
Doc: Abe Dozier
Granny: Phaedra Bowlby
Milly: June Rye
Tilly: Hannah Brooks
Conductor: Elijah Brooks
Sherlock: Caroline Daschel
Watson: Bhodey Miller
Daisy: Norah Distel
Ma: Elyse Brooks
Gabby: Kayla Clendenning
Katie: Kaitlyn Yoder
Lottie: Clara Yoder
Cleo: Marin Melton
Harmonia: Kendal Dye
Sweetie: Jordan Huber
Sue Bob: Camille Sheffield
Lou Bob: Lucy Cunningham
Hank: Isaiah Brooks
Nellie: Lauren Wolff
Sadie: Rowyn Bowlby
Sherriff: Dylan Miller
Deputy: Anaya Grisales
Mata: Luke Huber
Hari: Adam Richard
Willy: Logan Larranaga
Micky: Noah Huber
TBA: Ava Lea O’Donnell

Extra: (towns people and passengers and dancers and students and swamp things and guests)
Hadley Dinkla
Lulu Stebbins
Kenna Nichols
Amy Baker
Brody Butler
Kaylee Nichols
Emilee Rae Boothby
Charlie Basse
Austin Monteith

Archer Lockhart
Sophie Distel
Emma Campbell
Rosie Flores
Hadley Dinkla
Abi Huber
Norah Underhill
Olivia Elliston
Olivia’s Friend

Thank You!!

Summer Camp Concludes with Seussical the Musical

More than 575 fun-loving people enjoyed one of the three performances last weekend of Seussical The Musical by our Summer Musical Theater Camp.  The show was spectacular! and the multiple standing ovations given by cheering crowds made that plain.

Our most sincere thanks to the more than 75 young people – average age about 11! – who brought this show to life!  Also, we thank the several “grown-ups” who led the effort.  They include:  Interns Samantha Browning, Lily **** with help from  Phoenix Miller, Georgia Horton and Evangeline Horton;  Music Director Michael Kahl assisted by Brandi Sander, Choreographer Heather Cunningham, Accompanist Susan Matteson, Costume Designer Jennifer Daschle, and her interns Phaedra Bowlby and Victoria Sheffield; Scenic Painter Tish Miller, Technical Director Nicholas Boland, and Camp Director Sarah Distel.

We could go on and on – but let’s let these pictures do some of the talking!  Thanks to everyone who made time to see this terrific show.  We’ll see you again soon.

Seussical Cast Announced

Our 2018 Youth Summer Camp kicked off last week, and we are so excited to be working with this great group of kids to present the super fun, family-friendly musical SEUSSICAL July 27-29 in the Cailloux Theater.  Congratulations to the following cast and crew:

Cat in The Hat: Trinidad Laurenzi, Elyse Brooks,Rowyn Bowlby
Horton: Ella O’Donnell
Jojo: Beth Cunningham
Gertrude: Norah Distel
Maizy La Bird: Kaylha Grisales
Mayor: Isaiah Brooks
Mrs Mayor: Caroline Daschel
Thing 1: Lucy Cunningham
Thing 2: Allie Kate Daschel
Sour Kangaroo: Maya Garcia
Young Kangaroo: Ava Lea O’Donnell
General: Cruz Garcia
Yertle the Turtle: Camille Sheffield
Grinch: Ellie Meier

Lead Bird Girls: Dharma Dinkla, Sidney Robinson

Bird Girls: Isa Barker
Kendal Dye
Paloma Garcia
Kendall Gregory
Anaya Grisales
Suzanna Rye

Lead Wickersham Brother:  Keaton Mitchell

Wickersham Brothers:
Harper Mitchell
Bhodey Miller
Leon Meier
Luke Huber

Student Interns: Phoenix Miller, Georgia Horton, Evangeline Horton

Costume Interns: Phaedra Bowlby, Victoria Sheffield

Jungle and Who Chorus:
Elijah Brooks
Hannah Brooks
Sophie Distel
Camille Shearheart
June Rye
Dylan Miller
Delaney Robinson
Ryleigh DeFalco
Abe Dozier
Louis Frantzen
Micah Nunley
Maya Sosa
Leighton Ranton
Kase Ranton
Hayden Magnell
Abigail Justice
Abigail Schmidt
Mia Schmidt
Hadley Dinkla
Ashley Hannah
Ally Dolly
Max Lane
Jordan Huber
Tryniti Holland
Daniel Murray
James Murray
Norah Underhilll
Ruby Jane Richards
Eyler Neill
Lauren Wolf

Lights: Theo Distel

Crew: Adom Richards
Brandon Land
Gram Barker
Soren Bowlby
Emma Mydland
Kenedy Gregory

Youth Theater Summer Musical Theater Camp 

Multi-Week Theater Experience begins June  18.
Playhouse 2000’s Youth Summer Musical Theater Camp will begin on June 18 and conclude with three performances of Suessical, The Musical on the Cailloux Theater stage, July 27, 28 and 29.
A large and enthusiastic group of students and their parents found out the details of this year’s camp at an informational meeting held last week.  It looks like we’ll have a very full roster of campers again this year!
If you missed the meeting and still have an interest in attending camp, it may not be too late.  Though we have limited space, we may have openings remaining.  Please reply to this email with your name, the student’s name, age and whether they would  be a new or returning Summer Camper at P2K, and your contact info.  We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Summer Musical Theater Camp Informational Meeting May 26, 1:00

Playhouse 2000’s Youth Summer Musical Theater Camp is a great opportunity for young people from age 8 to 18 to experience the thrill of creating a major musical on the big stage.
The camp is a five-week, half-day program in which students will learn about singing, dancing, acting and stagecraft from some of the area’s best instructors.

The cost per student is just $100 for all five weeks.

This year’s camp begins on June 18 and concludes with three performances of Suessical, The Musical on the Cailloux Theater stage, July 27, 28 and 29.

To find out more about the camp and to enroll your youngster, please plan to 

attend our “Interest Meeting” on Saturday, May 26th at 1:00 in the Werlein Annex Studio.  You can get complete information on how things work and sign up to ensure your slot in our camp.

The Kit Werlein Annex is the newest building on the Cailloux City Center grounds, immediately adjacent to The Cailloux Theater.  Park in the Theater parking lot at 910 Main Street, or in the Annex parking at 913 Jefferson Street.  If you need directions, please call our Box Office at (830) 896-9393.

Summer Camp Meeting May 26

Next in The P2K Youth Theater Program

A Super Groovy Night’s Dream with Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Make plans now to see the talented members of the P2K Youth Theater Program in their latest productions. It’ll be in The Cailloux Theater May 4, 5 and 6. Just $10, $7.50 for youngsters.   https://playhouse2000.com/youth-theater-program-2/

Cast for Super Groovy Night’s Dream Announced

The cast for the next P2K Youth Theater project is set – mark your calendars for May 4-6 to enjoy another great offering from the youth of Playhouse 2000!

Stage Manager: Beth Cunningham
Assistant Stage Manager: Kayla Clendening
Sound/Lights: Theo Distel
Running Crew: Abbey Schmidt
Costume Apprentice: Victoria Sheffield

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs Cast:

Jo-Jo Hennigan
Sophie Distel
Hadley Dinkla
Aiden Schmidt
Mia Schmidt
Mickael Meredith
Abigail Justice
Emma Larranaga
Hattie Gilbreath

A Super Groovy Night’s Dream Cast:

Theseus: Norah Distel
Hippolyta: Phaedra Bowlby
Philostrate (as a girl): Maya Garcia
Puck: Trinidad Laurenzi

Lysander: Cruz Garcia
Egeus: Adom Richards
Pistol (As a cheerleader): Lilly Flores
Dromio (As a cheerleader): Ava Lea O’Donnell
Simple: (As a cheerleader): Kristen Davis

Cheerleaders: Matti Phillips, Ashley Hanna, Ally Dolley
Jocks: Abe Dozier

Nick Bottom (as a girl): Ella O’Donnell
Quince (as a girl): Camille Sheffield
Francis Flute: Elijah Brooks
Starveling: Harper Mitchell
Snout: Dylan Miller
Snug: Logan Larranaga

Hermia: Caroline Daschel
Summer: Rowyn Bowlby
Starla: Dharma Dinkla
Skye: Ellie Meier

Hippies: Ainslee Gilbreth, Paloma Garcia, Willow Lemanski

Helena: Suz Rye
Carelton (as a girl): Isa Barker
Poindexter (as a girl): Lucy Cunningham
Milhouse (as a girl): Kaylha Grisales

Science Club: Anaya Grisales, Lauren Wolff, Gracie Holmes, Kendall Gregory

Demetrius: Isiah Brooks
Oberon: Daysen Burdick
Titania: Elyse Brooks
Peasblossom: Austyn Hennigan

Voice From Backstage: Matti Phillips

Fairies: June Rye, Hannah Brooks, Marin Melton, Liberty Lemanski