Big Laughs, Big Love for Southern Fried Funeral 

“Sold Out” Opening Night!

It was standing room only in the VK Garage Theater for the opening weekend of our new comedy, Southern Fried Funeral.

As the playwright says,”Funerals bring out the best, the worst – and the funniest – in people.”  And all three are on display in this play that has been called “a big-hearted comedy about family Southern style.”

To help you get the flavor of the show – here are a few production photos (thank you to Tony Gallucci.)


Jessica Sturm and Sarah Brooks are sisters “Sammy Jo” and “Harlene” reunited for the funeral under the watchful eyes of family friend “Martha Ann Fox” (Becka Grey) and SonShine Committee chair “Ozella Meeks” (Amanda Radkiewicz.)


Russell French is the snake-in-the-grass Brother In Law “Uncle Dub”, seen here conferring with his lawyer “Atticus Van Leer,” played by Jared Graf.


Liz Koeninger is “Dorothy Frye,” wife of the late Dewey Frye.


“Sammy Jo” (Jessica Sturm) and her husband “Beecham”
(real-life husband Mark Sturm) wonder what younger brother
“Dewey Jr.” (Andrew Molnar) is up to.


As family friends gather at Dorothy’s house, we meet “Martha Ann”
(Becka Grey,) “Fairy June” (Barbara French,” and “Benny Charles” (Brian Schuyler.)

Performances of Southern Fried Funeral continue for two more weekends.
Friday and Saturday shows are at 7:30, Sundays at 2:30.  General Admission tickets are just $22.  Click HERE to reserve your seats today, before more nights sell out!

The full cast of Southern Fried Funeral, with
director R Sheldon Boyce (front) and
Assistant Director Treston Mack (far right.)

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Summer Camp Wraps Up  in Grand Style


The large audiences stood and cheered after every performance of this year’s Summer Musical Theater Camp production of “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast  Jr.” – and the effusive praise was well deserved.

It would take many paragraphs to offer individual kudos to the more than 75 people – young and not-so-young – involved in making this project a reality, so we’ll count on you to know who YOU should say “congratulations” to.
In case you missed it – here are a select few, representative photos (Thank you to Paul Stafford, Wild Focus Photography.)


Elyse Brooks as “Belle,” with Keaton Mitchell as “The Beast”


Trinidad Laurenzi as “LeFou” singing to best friend “Gaston,” played by Cruz Garcia, along with the other folks at the local tavern.


Gaston’s adoring “Silly Girls”: Lucy CunninghamCamille SheffieldCaroline Daschel, and Isabella Barker.


The castle staff sings “Human Again.”


Some of the many townspeople populating Belle’s village.


The whole cast sings “The Finale”

The P2K Youth Theater production of “Disney’s Beauty & The Beast Jr” by Howard Ashman, Tim Rice, Alan Menken and Linda Wolverton, Directed by Sarah Distel; Heather Cunningham, Choreographer; Michael Kahl, Music Director; Brandy Sander, Assistant Music Director; Scenes designed by Nicholas Boland and Painted by Joleen Franklin and Tish Miller; Costumes designed by Jennifer Daschel; Lighting designed by Treston Mack; Susan Matteson, Accompanist; Student Assistants Elana Argil and Ella O’Donnell; Summer Interns Jillian Linton and James Burns sponsored by George and Teri Stieren.

Summer-Time Fare Next on the P2K Menu

Get “Twice the FUNeral” with a special combined offer from P2K the HCAF Point Theatre!

A terrific cast and director R Sheldon Boyce, assisted by Treston Mack, will head into “Tech Week” on Sunday, putting the final touches on preparation for the next show in Playhouse 2000’s Season 2019, Osborne & Eppler’s hilarious comedy Southern Fried Funeral.

When you see the play, you’ll meet “Dorothy Frye,” (Liz Koeninger) just after she learns that her husband, Dewey, took his final breath while addressing the local Rotarians. She’s taking things pretty well, considering she has to deal with the Church Committee, her own bickering daughters, and Dewey’s snake-in-the-grass brother, Dub (Russell French.)

As the authors say: “Funerals bring out the best and worst – and funniest – in people” and this play puts all of that on display with a big heart and a fond nod to the quirkiness of our beloved South.

The cast also includes P2K veterans Jessica Sturm and Sarah Brooks as sisters “Sammy Jo” and “Harlene,” and P2K newcomer Andrew Molnur as brother “Dewey, Jr.” Mark Sturm is Sammy Jo’s husband “Beecham,” and Jared Graf is local attorney and sometime suitor to Harlene “Atticus Van Leer.”

Other “friends” of the family include Becka Hill as “Martha Ann,” Barbara French as “Fairy June,” Amanda Radkiewicz as “Ozella,” and Brian Schuyler as “Benny Charles.”

The fun starts on Friday and Saturday, August 9 and 10 at 7:30 pm and continues for three weekends. General Admission tickets are just $22. Reserve yours HERE.

Special Offer! “Twice the FUNeral”
If one Southern Comedy is good, two is great!
When you get tickets to see the P2K Production of
Southern Fried Funeral
we’ll give you a coupon good for $5 off per ticket to see another comedy,
Dearly Departed
at The HCAF Point Theatre (The Elizabeth Huth Coates Indoor Theater)
running August 16 to 31.

P.S. – if you get to Dearly Departed first, be sure to pick
up your coupon for $5 off Southern Fried Funeral tickets.

Southern Fried Funeral Cast Announced

CAST ANNOUNCED!! Thanks to everyone who auditioned for SOUTHERN FRIED FUNERAL. Everyone was impressive and even if not cast, we hope you come out again and again. Director Sheldon Boyce is pleased to announce the following cast:

Liz Koeninger as Dorothy Frye
Jessica Sturm as Sammy Jo Frye-LeFette
Sarah Brooks as Harlene Frye
Andrew Molnur as Dewey Frye Jr.
Russell French as Dub Frye
Jared Graf as Atticus “Attie” Van Leer
Mark Sturm as Beecham LeFette
Becka Hill as Martha Ann Fox
Joan Bryson as Fairy June Cooper
Amanda Radkiewicz as Ozella Meeks
The role of Benny Charles Greenwood is TBA

CAST ANNOUNCED for Women in Jeopardy

Thanks to those who came out to audition for our upcoming comedy WOMEN IN JEOPARDY! We are pleased to announce the following cast:

Mary – Darcey Hill Wagner
Jo – Amy E. Goodyear
Liz – Serenity Lewis-Lockhart
Jackson – Barry G. Wall
Amanda – Sarah Jerusha Brooks
Trenner – TBD

Rehearsal begin Monday, May 6 at 6:30 p.m. Mark your calendars for this hilarious adventure – opens June 14 in the VK Garage Theater!

Playhouse 2000 and Schreiner Theatre and Music; Footloose,The Musical   

Show gets Rave Reviews!  Ends this weekend!
People stood and cheered the two previous weekends of performances of the Playhouse 2000 and Schreiner University joint production of Footloose, The Musical at The Cailloux Theater.
The show will have just two more performances, Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m.
Featuring a talented cast drawn from both campus and community, Footloose offers an evening of high-energy singing and dancing, plus a “feel-good” story that sends folks out with a smile.
The show is excellent entertainment for the family, but due to the occasional use of moderately adult language, Footloose, like the film on which it is based, is rated “PG.”
Footloose, The Musical
Tickets $22 and $27 – Reserved Seating
Children/Students just $15 in all sections
Click HERE
Call the Box Office at (830) 896-9393.

P2K and Schreiner Theatre and Music:  Footloose Opens Next Week!    

We’re just one week away from Opening Night of the P2K/Schreiner joint production of the feel-good musical Footloose!  The show’s three-weekend run starts on Friday, March 29.

Based on the movie of the same name, Footloose relates the story of “Ren McCormack” (Arnold Alaniz) who is transplanted from Chicago to mythical small town of Bomont, where laws have been passed to protect the local citizens from the evil influence of dancing.  There, he meets the power behind the laws, “Shaw Moore” (Rob Ward) and his rebellious daughter, “Ariel” (Olivia Merritt) and learns the tragic history behind the restrictions.  With determination and a bit of human insight, Ren works to heal Bomont’s broken heart and return joy to the lives of its citizens.
The cast features a mix of folks from campus and community, including (in addition to the above) Seabrook Jones as Shaw’s wife, “Vi,” Cindy Vennes as Ren’s mom, “Ethel,” Judy Brown as Ren’s Aunt “Lulu,” and Jared Graff as Uncle “Wes.”
Ren’s new friend “Willard” is played by last year’s “Bobby Child,” Andrew Cannon.  Samantha Ugarte plays Ariel’s best friend “Rusty,” often joined on stage by Anessa Hernandez as “Urleen,” Anna Arce as “LaVerne,” Natalie Adams as “Wendy Jo,” and Rosy Murphy as “Lucky.”  Ariel’s ne’er do well boyfriend “Chuck” is played by Adam Rich, with Teston Mack as his sidekick “Lyle.”
Other’s in this smalll town include Amanda Radkiewicz as “Eleanor,” wife to “Coach Dunbar,” played Mitch MitchellJoan Bryson as “Betty,” owner of the local burger joint, and townspeople and students including Lysette RodriguezTrinity UrquhartConstance Joy EvansAmy BakerPatti Goforth, and Keaton Mitchell as “Jeeter.”
When it ran on Broadway, Footloose earned four “Tony” Award nominations, including Best Score and Best Musical, and launched both a Broadway run and multiple national tours.  It’s bound to be a favorite for you, too!
Note: due to some minor uses of colorful language, we’re rating this one “PG” 
You can enjoy Footloose, The Musical starting Friday, March 29th for three weekends.  Get reservations in advance (tickets are $22 and $27 – all children/students just $15 in all sections) by clicking HERE, or avoid online convenience fees by calling the Box Office at (830) 896-9393.
P.S.  We still have a few seats available for our famous “Opening Night Dinner” on March 29, featuring a themed menu created by our friends at Rails, A Cafe At The Depot.  Dinner AND the show just $57 per person.  Call (830) 896-9393 to make reservations.

New Romantic Comedy: Things My Mother Taught Me LAST WEEKEND

The new Romantic Comedy playing in the VK Garage Theater enjoyed enthusiastic full houses when it opened last weekend. Shows concludes this weekend.

The play is just what the doctor ordered for everyone to enjoy in February, and makes a perfect addition to all Valentine’s Day plans.

When young couple “Olivia” and “Josh”, played

by Syndey Blain and Colton VanFossen, take the big step of moving to a new city and getting their first apartment together, the love and wisdom of their parents – and parents’ parents – add to the wacky situations that arise to make their moving day truly a day to remember.

This cast of seven – which also includes Barbara FrenchDana WilliamsCarl SchuppBrian Schuyler, andJustin Radkiewicz – have wonderful comic sensibilities and natural stage chemistry that makes Things My Mother Taught Me a funny but warm evening that is leaving audiences smiling all the way home.
You have just three more chances to see this show in the VK Garage Theater now through February 17.

You can make sure that you don’t miss it by calling the box office for reservations, or clicking HERE to get started.

FOOTLOOSE Cast Announced

CAST ANNOUNCED! Thank you to everyone who made the FOOTLOOSE audition so exciting! I know the show we create together will be just as much fun and full of energy!

We will gather for a first meeting on Friday, February 8 at 6:30pm in the Werlein Annex Studio (enter the door under the porch in the low building just beside The Cailloux Theater.) We’ll get to know each other a little bit, talk about rehearsal rules, and get you measured for costumes. We’ll also pass out rehearsal materials and/or take your order for books that you can mark up.

Thanks again to all, and congratulations!

The Cast:
Ren McCormack – Arnold Alaniz
Ethel McCormack – Cindy Vennes
Rev. Shaw Moore – Rob Ward
Vi Moore – Seabrook Jones
Ariel Moore – Olivia Merritt
Lulu Warnicker – Judy Brown
Wes Warnicker – TBA
Coach Roger Dunbar – TBA
Eleanor Dunbar – Ginny Shaw
Willard Hewitt – Andrew Cannon
Chuck Cranston – Adam Rich
Travis – Treston Mack
Lyle – TBA
Rusty – Samantha D. Ugarte
Urleen (1) – Anessa Hernandez
Urleen (2) – Anna Arce
Wendy Jo (1) – Natalie Adams
Wendy Jo (2) – Rosy Murphy

Ensemble – Kids
Rowan Kenney
Lysette Rodriguez
Trinty Urquhart
Raelin Batley
Kathaleen Luangamath
Dharma Dinkla
Constance Joy Evans
Amy Baker
Madelene Bridgeman
Keaton Mitchell
Matthew Kitchen

Ensemble – Grownups
Betty – Joan C. Bryson
Patti Goforth
Gay Hibdon
Amanda Radkiewicz


P2K and Schreiner University 

Theater and Music present


Actors, Singers and Dancers of ALL AGES are invited to join P2K and Schreiner University as we present the fabulous Rock-n-Roll musical Footloose, based on the amazing motion picture starring Kevin Bacon.
Plan now to join us on Sunday or Monday, February 3rd or 4th in the Cailloux Theater.  Sunday at 2:30 (you’ll be done in plenty of time to attend that Super Bowl party) and Monday at 6:30.  Dress to move, and bring sheet music to your prepared song if you’re looking for a named role.
All roles are open, and the cast will include roles for ages from high school and up.
For details on roles available and audition preparation, click HERE.
See You There!