A Letter from Jeffrey

Dear Friend of Playhouse 2000,
There is no doubt that we are living in difficult times.
I don’t need to tell you that the current health crisis has altered the world for all of us. You live with the changes every day.
What I do want to tell you is that the we at Playhouse 2000 are determined that what we do – bringing people together to enjoy and learn from be entertained by the world’s best performers – is still important.
And, because it’s important, we are also determined to hold onto our ability to do it.
None of us know when it will be possible to responsibly invite you back into the VK Garage and Cailloux Theaters. But, we do know that when that time comes, we want to be here to offer the kind of shared experiences that only live performing arts can provide.
We’re doing all we can, and using every option available to us, to weather this storm. I believe we will succeed!
As part of that struggle, I’m writing today hoping that you’ll consider a one-time gift that will help us come through this difficult period and emerge intact.
We are asking you to help us raise the cost of keeping our company together for about one month. The minimum ongoing expenses – including limited staff, utilities, insurance, and other vital business expenses – can be covered for about $17,000.
We hope you’ll consider an emergency contribution of $10, $30, $50 – or whatever is appropriate for you.
You can make an on-line contribution HERE, or drop us a line via U.S. Mail at Playhouse 2000, P.O. Box 290088, Kerrville, TX, 78028.
I assure you that any amount you give is greatly appreciated – and fully tax deductible – and will help keep the home fires burning.
With your help, we know that we can continue to watch hopefully for the light that is surely shining at the end of this long tunnel.
Jeffrey Brown
Executive Director
Playhouse 2000, Inc.
P.S. We know that you, too, have a lot of needs, and will receive many requests. Thank you for considering a one-time, emergency gift to Playhouse 2000. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reply to this email or call me at (830) 896-9393 x 303 (you may have to leave a message.)

The Outsider Moved to July

IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! Due to continued schedule changes as a result of Covid-19, we’ve determined the best plan is to POSTPONE our production of THE OUTSIDER.

The new dates are:
Auditions: May 17 (2:30) and 18 (6:30) in the VK Garage Theater

First Rehearsal: May 26

Tech Week: July 5 to July 9 (Preview on Thursday, July 9)

Performances: July 10, 11, 17, 18, 19 (Matinee), 24, 25 and 26 (Matinee)

Please contact our office with any questions – and sign up for our E-blast to make sure you are receiving all the latest news – www.playhouse2000.com

Cailloux City Center in a “Holding Pattern” but Holding On

As managers of the large and usually very active Kathleen C. Cailloux City Center for the Performing Arts, Playhouse 2000 finds itself in a “holding pattern” during this time of “social distancing.”

The group is confident, though, that they can hold on through the Covid-19 crisis, and come back to serve the community when the time is right.

“The things we present to the public all have long planning windows,” said Jeffrey Brown, Playhouse 2000’s Executive Director.  “We usually know about a year in advance what to be working toward in any given week, and rehearsals for local productions last about six weeks.”

“Right now, because there’s no good way to know how soon we’ll be able to re-open the doors, we find ourselves making and re-making plans every week in the hopes that someday, we’ll be able to follow through.”

The Cailloux and VK Garage Theaters announced in late March that they would be closed to the public through the month of April.  Since then, every event planned to take place in the City Center in May has also been either postponed or cancelled outright.

“May is usually a very busy month for us, with a variety of performances by local schools, dance studios, and touring groups.  Most of those are simply unable to be presented, and even those that were possible to present couldn’t be sure if things would work out.”

Being “dark” is financially draining, of course, but thanks to a modest cash reserve, a successful application to the Payroll Protection Program, and an on-going campaign to raise funds from the public, the group is hopeful that the current closure of the performance halls won’t lead to any permanent closure of the business.

“We’re fortunate that, with the help of a truly supportive community, we can keep things stable for a couple of months.  And we’re trying to use the down time productively.”

The small Playhouse 2000 staff has been able to identify and take on multiple tasks that could be accomplished either from home or while working alone, including a re-vamp of its web presence, upkeep on theatrical equipment, and a complete overhaul of its digital patron records.

“We want to be sure that we’re ready to re-open our doors just as soon as we’re confident that it’s the right thing to do,” Mr. Brown added.

To that end, Playhouse 2000’s annual “Shakespeare In The Park” production has been cast, and director Jessica Sturm will begin rehearsals – remotely, over the computer screen – by the end of the month.

“We sincerely hope that we’ll bring ‘King Lear’ to the Louse Hays Park stage as planned on June 5 and 6,” Brown said.  “The nice thing is that, because this production is small and flexible, if that’s not possible, we’ll just find a way to bring it to the audience when it is possible.”

Likewise, the cast and crew of P2K’s Spring Musical, “Little Shop of Horrors,” which suspended rehearsals in March, has proclaimed their willingness to re-group and put the final touches on the production as soon as they are allowed.

Other programs planned for the summer, including the highly anticipated appearance of the “Urban Cowboy 40th Anniversary Tour” featuring Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee, remain on the calendar until further notice.

Brown continued: “Many of our ‘behind the scenes’ activities have continued – especially the job of planning for fall and the launch of our “Cailloux Performances” series.  It’s hard to know exactly what will be happening here in September and beyond, but we can’t wait ‘till then to decide.  We’re making as many decisions as we can, while keeping everything as fluid as possible.”

So, the question of “when” to expect the doors of the Cailloux City Center’s theaters to re-open can’t be answered today, but the question of “if” has received a resounding “yes” from the P2K staff, volunteers and supporters.

“We’re here, really, for just one thing – to get people together to experience the joy of live performance” Brown says.  “We’re all looking forward to being able to offer that to our community once again.”

Playhouse 2000 is Kerrville’s Community Theater, and manages, on behalf of the City of Kerrville, the Kathleen C. Cailloux City Center for the Performing Arts, including the Cailloux Theater and the VK Garage Theater.  For more information, including details on volunteering with or auditioning for P2k, readers can visit www.playhouse2000.com.

Support P2K And Share Your Talents

Here’s a fun, interesting and helpful activity to relieve the stress of “Social Distancing” while generation financial support for your Playhouse 2000!
Thanks to our friends at Hill Country Visitors Magazine for putting together this unique event.
It’s Kerrville’s own virtual TALENT SHOW!
We are helping Playhouse 2000 during this uncertain time, by showing THE AMAZING TALENT IN KERRVILLE,
and all funds go to them!
So let’s band together and submit some amazing Kerrville spirit.
Submission Deadline: April 20th
Winner Chosen: April 30th
Contest Details:
  • Contestants must submit a talent video and ask others to donate using their code. The most money donated to a contestant wins the talent show.
  • Winners will receive 2 weeks of Delivered Meals via Encore Catering!
  • Business that wins (yes business can enter) get 1 year in advertising with Hill Country Visitor Magazine
Submissions and Guidelines
  • Submit a Video file of you displaying your talent to Matthew@popnetwork.me
  • Videos must be no shorter than 2 mins and no longer than 5 min
  • Videos must be family-friendly.
  • Videos must be original work and submitted by the creator.
  • Must live in Kerr county.
  • Audio/Video must be clear.
  • Tie Broken via social media engagements.
  • Playhouse 2000 has the discretion of any video not shown.
  • Your video will be posted online.
  • We have the right to use all videos for future promotion and advertising.

The Outsider Audition Update

The third production in P2K’s Season 2020, Paul Slade Smith’s hilarious send-up of America’s political system, The Outsider, is scheduled to audition on April 26 and 27.
Even though our facility is closed through April, we are currently keeping these audition dates on our calendar in the hope that we’ll be able to continue preparations for this production as planned.
As the date of audition approaches, we will send out a call to apply for an audition time that will allow you in-person time with Director R Sheldon Boyce, but keep you separated from other auditioners.
We all know that things are still changing every day. Please watch this space for further details, and/or changes to these plans.

King Lear Audition Update

The planned “Shakespeare In The Park” production is slated to hold auditions on April 19 and 20. Our facilities are currently closed through April, so those audition dates have been CANCELLED.
The script for King Lear as cut by director Jessica Sturm can be performed by as few as 9 actors, so we are proposing to keep it on the schedule unless and until we determine that it cannot or should not be presented.
Jessica has had sufficient experience with many of you that a personal audition will not be necessary. If you are new to Playhouse 2000 and/or Shakespeare In The Park, we will arrange a brief in-person audition around the time of the original schedule. These will be carefully timed, and rules of “Social Distancing” will be adhered to.

Big Give Emergency Relief Fund Donations

You’re going to hear a lot in the next few weeks about the struggle many non-profits are facing, especially those in the entertainment and event business. Your Playhouse 2000 is not immune, and we will be asking for your help as we weather this storm. Please consider a donation through the Big Give Emergency Relief fund for non-profits. Thank you.

Here is the link – https://www.thebiggivesa.org/organizations/playhouse-2000


Little Shop Postponed

Asymmetric Cancels Performances

It is with heavy hearts that Yellow Lab Productions announces that we will be cancelling the public performance of Asymmetric scheduled at the VK Garage Theatre on March 26-28. With the new suggested guidelines of gatherings be held to 10 people or less, and the continued and elevating risk of the spread of COVID-19, we cannot in good conscience perform our show for an audience.

We will however be holding a private performance to be professionally recorded and will later have that performance available publicly on YouTube for any to enjoy. Any purchased tickets will be refunded through the Playhouse 2000 box office.

We are heartbroken to be unable to share this wonderful show with you and offer our sincerest apology. However, it is not worth putting out patrons, performers, crew or anyone else they may come in contact with at risk of infection. Theatre has always been a refuge and salvation for all of us at Yellow Lab, and it’s hard to have it taken away. We look forward to getting back on that stage and sharing our art with you when we can do that safely. Until then, be safe, stay home if/when you can, and wash your hands. We wish you good health and good luck.

Little Shop of Horrors Cast Announcement

Thank you so much to everyone who took time to share their talent with us during the auditions for Little Shop of Horrors.  As much as we’d love to take advantage of all of the options offered to us, we find that we have had to “hold the line” on our total cast size.  We hope you’ll continue to find your place on the many stages your Hill Country theatre family has to offer.

To those whose names are listed below, congratulations, and welcome to the cast!

We’ll have our first meeting on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13TH at 6:30 in the Werlein Annex Studio, and really need for everyone to be there.  We’ll pass out materials, hear some general information, compare calendars, and get to know each other a little bit.  See you there.

Playhouse 2000 And  The music and theatre departments of  Schreiner University Present

Little Shop of Horrors

Seymour Krelborn:              Andrew Michael Cannon

Audrey:                                  Faith Mooney

Mr. Mushnik:                        Judd Vermillion

Orin Scrivello:                       Brandon Cunningham

The Plant:  Puppet 1           Kim Keller (also Chorus where available)

Puppet 3                Delaney Ziomek (also Chorus where available)

Puppet 4                Tim Huchton (also Wino No. 1)

Voice Of The Plant:             Victor Salinas

Girl Trios (Voicings may be adjusted)

(Middle notes)      Crystal – Rosy Murphy                 Corinne – Samantha Ugarte       Chloe – Ally Dolly

(High Notes)          Ronnette – Sara Pieper                Rayleen – Dharma Dinkla             Ruby – Caroline Daschel

(Low Notes)           Chiffon – Elyse Eden Brooks        Shanda – Isabel Venegas             Shirley – Eleanor Distel

Residents of Skid Row


A Voice Not Unlike God’s                   Donald Kearney

Wino No. 1                                            Tim Huchton

Wino w Cough                                      Josh Lara

Customer No. 1 (p 22 – 24)                Gregory Reynolds

Radio Interviewer (p28 – 29)            Joshua Butler

Attractive girl walking by (p 32)        Chloe Young

Audrey’s Dream Kid 1 (p 34)             Shyann Nowlin

Audrey’s Dream Kid 2                         Isaiah Brooks

Exiting Dental Patient                         Joan Bryson

Dentist’s Nurse? (p 55)                       Taylor Seymour

Customers in and out (p. 62 – 64)     Monica Allen        Emily Forsythe     Megan Hollingworth

Courtney Lysette Rodriquez             Trinity Urquhart

Cindy Vennes       Carol Vincent

Bernstein (p 78)                                   Christopher Zieske

Mrs. Luce (p 79)                                   Judy Brown

Skip Snip (p 80)                                    Lindsey Reynolds

Patrick Martin (p 90)                           Ian Banchs

Plant mover 1 (p 91)                           Eleanor Meier

Plant mover 2                                       Ashley Hanna

Plant mover 3                                       Rowan Kenney