Cast for Super Groovy Night’s Dream Announced

The cast for the next P2K Youth Theater project is set – mark your calendars for May 4-6 to enjoy another great offering from the youth of Playhouse 2000!

Stage Manager: Beth Cunningham
Assistant Stage Manager: Kayla Clendening
Sound/Lights: Theo Distel
Running Crew: Abbey Schmidt
Costume Apprentice: Victoria Sheffield

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs Cast:

Jo-Jo Hennigan
Sophie Distel
Hadley Dinkla
Aiden Schmidt
Mia Schmidt
Mickael Meredith
Abigail Justice
Emma Larranaga
Hattie Gilbreath

A Super Groovy Night’s Dream Cast:

Theseus: Norah Distel
Hippolyta: Phaedra Bowlby
Philostrate (as a girl): Maya Garcia
Puck: Trinidad Laurenzi

Lysander: Cruz Garcia
Egeus: Adom Richards
Pistol (As a cheerleader): Lilly Flores
Dromio (As a cheerleader): Ava Lea O’Donnell
Simple: (As a cheerleader): Kristen Davis

Cheerleaders: Matti Phillips, Ashley Hanna, Ally Dolley
Jocks: Abe Dozier

Nick Bottom (as a girl): Ella O’Donnell
Quince (as a girl): Camille Sheffield
Francis Flute: Elijah Brooks
Starveling: Harper Mitchell
Snout: Dylan Miller
Snug: Logan Larranaga

Hermia: Caroline Daschel
Summer: Rowyn Bowlby
Starla: Dharma Dinkla
Skye: Ellie Meier

Hippies: Ainslee Gilbreth, Paloma Garcia, Willow Lemanski

Helena: Suz Rye
Carelton (as a girl): Isa Barker
Poindexter (as a girl): Lucy Cunningham
Milhouse (as a girl): Kaylha Grisales

Science Club: Anaya Grisales, Lauren Wolff, Gracie Holmes, Kendall Gregory

Demetrius: Isiah Brooks
Oberon: Daysen Burdick
Titania: Elyse Brooks
Peasblossom: Austyn Hennigan

Voice From Backstage: Matti Phillips

Fairies: June Rye, Hannah Brooks, Marin Melton, Liberty Lemanski


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