Cast For Dorothy in Wonderland Announced

Announcing the Cast for Dorothy in Wonderland: Thank you so much for coming out and believing in our little program!!

Dorothy In Wonderland Cast List:

Dorothy: Suz Rye
Toto: June Rye
Scarecrow: Ella O’Donnell
Lion: Beth Cunningham
Tin Man: Isaiah Brooks
Wizard: Kaylha Grisales
Glinda: Caroline Daschel
White Rabbit: Rowyn Bowlby
Rose: Hannah Brooks
Tiger Lily: Delaney Robinson
Tulip: Jordan Huber
Caterpillar: Theo Distel
Humpty Dumpty: Harper Mitchell
King of Hearts: Trinidad Laurenzi
Pawn: Matti Phillips
Rook: Lilly Flores
Knight: Adom Richards
Tweedle Dee: Austyn Hennigan
Tweedle Dum: Ava Lea O’Donnell
Alice: Elyse Brooks
Mad Hatter: Norah Distel
March Hare: Isabel Ebin
Dormouse: Isa Barker
Frog Footman: Kayla Clendening
Fish Footman: Sidney Robinson
Cheshire Cat 1: Camille Sheffield
Cheshire Cat 2: Dharma Dinkler
Cheshire Cat 3: Elijah Brooks
Queen of Hearts: Phaedra Bowlby
Five: Luke Huber
Seven: Noah Huber
Knave of Hearts: Dylan Miller
Ozians: Luke Huber, Hannah Brooks, Elijah Brooks, Maya Sosa, Marin Melton, Noah Huber, Delaney Robinson, Mattie Phillips, Kayla Clendening, Logan Laranaga, Piper Miksch, JoLeigh Hennigan

Extras: Logan, Luke, Noah, Marin, JoLeigh, June, Hannah, Matti, Delaney, Maya

Back Stage: Elena Argil, Abby Schmidt, Gram Barker

Costumes: Ellie Meier

The Lorax:
Sophie Distel
Michael Meredith
JoLeigh Hennigan
Mia Schmidt
Salvator Grillo
Rosie Flores
Hadley Dinkla

Please let me know that your child accepts their role. Rehearsals begin Monday the 25th for the Lorax and Tuesday the 26th for Dorothy In Wonderland.

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