Camp Begins – Cinderella Cast Announced!!!

Please know that all of the children were very brave and very well prepared for auditions today. I could not have been more moved or more proud. They are true artists and wonderful friends to each other and I have grown to care so much for so many of them. Today I made some kiddos really happy and I made some of them really bummed and I feel the highs and lows with them so keenly. They are all miraculous and they are all growing so much on both their theater journey but also in their greater journey towards the people they are becoming. It my deepest pleasure to watch them and know them.

Anyway, here it is!

Cinderella: Phoenix Miller
Prince Charming: Trinidad Laurenzi
Step Mother: Ella ‘Donnell
Joy: Beth Cunningham
Portia: Norah Distel
King: Hailey Erlund
Queen: Elyse Brooks
Chef: Georgia Horton
Dessert Chef: Ava Lea O’Donnell
Steward: Evangeline Horton
Butcher: Isaiah Brooks
Fairy Godmother: Princess Gant
Herald: Phaedra Bowlby

Footman: Daysen Burdick and Mattilyn Phillips
Coachman: Louis Thomas
Horses: Kayla Clendening, Elijah Brooks, Dylan Miller, Noah Huber

Solo Choir: (Townspeople, and Ball Attendees)
Suzanna Rye: Daughter, 1st girl
Rowyn Bowlby: 2nd girl
Camille Sheffield: 3rd girl
Kaylha Griselles: Mean Sister
Lilly Flores: Sloppy Sisiter
Sydney Robinson: Grandma
Isa Barker: Kid
Harper: Little Boy, Father
Caroline Daschel: Studious Sister, Mother

Kendall Gregory
Abbey Schmidt
Mia Schmidt
Anaya Griseles
June Rye
Jordan Huber
Luke Huber
Leon Meier
Drake Meier
Delaney Robinson
Allie Kate Daschel
Logan Larranaga
Adom Richards
Ruby Jane Richards
Hayden Magnell
Hannah Brooks
Abigail Justice
Sophie Distel

Dance Captains:
Elena Argil
Dana Williams

Costume Construction:
Isabel Ebin

Back Stage:
Bhodey Miler
Keaton Mitchell
Theo Distel
Soren Bowlby
Gram Barker
Lucy Cunningham

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