Best Christmas Pageant Ever Cast Announcement

CAST ANNOUNCEMENT!! Thank you to all who auditioned for THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER! We will deal with changing the names of same of the characters to fit your gender at the first read through. Please let us know whether you accept the role. The first read through will be Friday October 14 at 6:30 pm.

Mother: TBA
Father: Chris Distel
Beth: Norah Distel
Charlie: Theo Distel
Ralph: Evan Vera
Imogene: Beth Cunningham
Leroy: Kaylee Hayes
Claude: Suzanna Rye
Ollie: Kamryn Hayes
Gladys: Dylan Miller
Alice: Phoenix Miller
Maxine: Ella O’Donnell
Elmer: Drake Meier
Hobie: Lily Flores
Juanita: June Rye
Doris: Ellie Meier

Rev. Hopkins: Jared Graf
Mrs Slocum: Paula Karl
Mr Clark: Jeffery Hensel
Mrs McCarthy: Gretchen Rye
Mrs Armstrong: TBA
Fireman: Jared Graf

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