Behind the Scenes

Playhouse 2000 has a vibrant and very active volunteer team. Volunteers are the backbone of the theater & can never be thanked enough for all of their hard work and time spent helping to make Playhouse 2000 sensational year after year. There are many opportunities to volunteer for the theater.




We have a wonderful team of volunteer ushers! Call the Playhouse office to see when you can usher for a Playhouse 2000 or Cailloux Theater production! Contact Susan at (830) 896-9393 ext. 302 or to get on the volunteer usher list.


Playhouse 2000 now manages concessions during all Playhouse shows and many other performances at the Cailloux Theater. Volunteer ushers will be asked to assist with concessions during intermission.

Set Design and Construction421258_10151656116924596_1059482855_n

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the volunteer work days for the Cailloux. This includes building and painting scenery, hanging lights, pulling and making props, pulling and/or creating costumes, etc.  Call Nick at (830) 896-9393 ext. 305 or for more information.


Office Work

We also occasionally call on volunteers for help with folding programs, stuffing envelopes, and preparing mailers. We also prepare for the nightly productions. This is a great day for someone to volunteer who maybe just had surgery or isn’t able to stand for very long.  Contact Amy at (830) 896-9393 ext. 304 or to get on the volunteer contact list.