Auditions for Pirates May 17&18

Be part of this summer’s production of The Pirate’s of Penzance.

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Here’s a reminder to set your sails for a summer of fun with the P2K Production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s classic comedy The Pirates of Penzance.  All of the original music will be included, but we’ll be adding some modern twists to keep things fun!
AUDITIONS will be held on Sunday May 17 at 2:30 and Monday, May 18 at 6:30 in the Cailloux Theater.  We’d love for you to come prepared with 32 bars of a Broadway song – but we’ll also teach you a song you can use to audition.  We’ll have two levels of movement audition, one for the general cast, and a simplified one for those who prefer that we “let me stand in the back and wave my arms.  Roles Available:The pirate King: Baritone.  Swashbuckling, athletic, and handsome leader of The Pirates of Penzance. An adventurer and sentimental, romantic fellow. He would never really hurt anybody, and, honestly, he’s not too bright.

Mabel: Soprano.  Young and beautiful, very much a young woman of the 19th century. She is genuine and utterly sincere as she captures the love of young Frederick. Her naivety and innocence make her a sweet and funny character.

Frederic: Tenor (Range is from C3 to C5. Young handsome, manly, and genuine.  A man of sincere feelings of honor, love and duty.

Major General Stanley:  Baritone.  Whatever his age, he combines “dignified respectability” with warmth and good humor. Quirky with military discipline, but believable.

Ruth: Contralto.  She is a proper, though unattractive, English nanny and has raised young Frederic to be a gentleman.

Sergeant of Police: Bass.  Obeys his duty and the law, but is a coward at heart. It’s best if he can move well, but an imposing physique is most important.

Samuel: Baritone.  The Pirate King’s right hand man, he is sincere, earnest, and simple-minded.

Daughter Edith: Soprano

Daughter Kate: Mezzo-soprano

Daughter Isabel: Soprano

Chorus of Daughters: Altos/Sopranos. All of them related to Major General Stanely.  The more vivid and individual each daughter is, the better.

Chorus of Pirates:  Baritones/Tenors. Simple minded, tender-hearted souls. Big, full-out singing is what is thrilling about the Pirates.   Pirates can be played by males or females (in actual range if possible.)

Chorus of Police:  Bass/Baritones. They obey their duty and the law, but are cowards at heart. Police can be played by males or females (octave transposition will be ok.)


Mabel (Soprano)                                 D4      Db6

Edith (Soprano or Mezzo-Soprano)      Ab3    G5

Kate (Mezzo-Soprano)                         Ab3    E5

Ruth (Contralto)                                  G3      F#5

Frederic (Tenor)                                  D3      A4 (Bb4)

Major-General Stanley (Comic Baritone)        Bb2    F4

Samuel (Baritone)                               Eb2    F4

Pirate King (Bass-Baritone)                  F#2     D#4

Sergeant of Police (Bass)                     G2      C4 (E4)

The most important requirement for casting is an ability to sing – but if you sing in church (or even in your bathroom) you’ve got a pretty good shot!

The show will be directed by Jeffrey Brown, with Michael Kahl supervising the Chorus, Heather Cunningham providing Choreography, and Brad Shearheart conducting the Orchestra.

We promise to make the audition fun and easy.  Join us, and invite your friends! 

See you here!

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