Antony & Cleopatra beats the weather 

Two terrific performances in Louise Hays Park last weekend
The threat of rain was ever-present, but the cast and crew of Antony & Cleopatra never lost faith, and ultimately two outstanding performances stayed (mostly) dry last weekend in Louise Hays Park.

Congratulations and thanks are owed to the entire group who worked for weeks creating this year’s edition of “Shakespeare In The Park.”  Special thanks goes out to Director Nancy Stuart and Costumer Diane Royce Smith for their efforts, and to Riley Royce-Smith for creating the large central scenic element.

The Cast of Antony and Cleopatra take a well-deserved bow

The cast included Amy Goodyear and newcomer James Edwards in the title roles, along with

Ken DeZarn, Amanda Radkiewicz, Jared Graf, Marcus Goodyear, Justin Radkiewicz, Brandon Cunningham, Michele Van Fossen, Emily Eubank, Gilbert Badilla, Ethan VanFossen, Colton VanFossen, Tom Terrell, Gena Carter, Paul Flett and Gianni Ret.

Crew members Devon Vanderveer and Treston Mack deftly handled set-up, running and take down of the bac

kdrop, outdoor sound and lights.  The entire project was produced by Sarah Distel, working in a volunteer capacity.

And a big thank you to the hundreds of folks who attended the shows!  Especially those on Saturday that sat through a pre-show downpour that ended just in time for the “curtain” to go up.

We look forward to creating the seventh SITP production in June of 2018.  Watch this space for the title and other details.

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