Always a Bridesmaid Starts September 19

Next in P2K’s VK Garage Theater

It’s not too early to start lining up tickets for the next show in P2K’s Season 2016,Always a Bridesmaid.

Written by the same team that brought you Dearly Beloved, Dashing Through the Snow and The Dixie Swim Club, this is another laugh-out-loud Southern comedy full of women that you will swear you know – and sometimes love.

Four friends – “Deedra,” “Charlie,” (portrayed by P2K newcomers Liz Koeninger and Gene Carter, respectively) “Monette” (Michele VanFossen) and “Libby Ruth” (Kristin Mudry) – made a vow long ago that they would always be in each other’s weddings – “no matter what!”  Well, a lot of “what” has come along over the years.

Now, Libby Ruth’s Daughter “Kari” is tying the knot.  Will her big day be overshadowed by “Charlie” finally finding a mate, or Monette finding yet another?

You can find out when Always a Bridesmaid opens in the VK Garage Theater onFriday, August 19th.  Shows run through September 4th, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 with two Sunday Matinees, 8/28 and 9/4, at 2:30.  Make plans today!

Don’t forget to sign up early for one of the only 20 seats available for our “Opening Night Dinner” in the Cailloux Lobby.  For just $50 per person, including tickets ($30 if you already have your subscription tickets) you’ll get full service from our friends at “The Lovin’ Spoonful” – one of our favorite caterers.

Details and reservations available ONLY by calling the Box Office at 830-896-9393.

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