A P2K Wish List

Every business has a list of things they’d like to have – things that would make the day’s tasks easier or more efficient, things that would help out!

Your P2K is no different.  If you have gently used items from the following short list, why not consider earning a tax deduction by donating them to us?Here are some things we could use:

  • A laptop computer to run sound playback in the VK Garage Theater.  Doesn’t need to be new – our software can run on almost any operating system – but PC is best for us.
  • A camera to shoot pix of our awesome daily activities like rehearsals and such.  It’s best if it is high quality – SLR Digital preferred – and if it works well in low light.  Once again, doesn’t at all need to be new, but in good condition.
  • A camera tripod to help in those low-light situations.

And here are some PEOPLE we could use:

  • Set Construction Volunteers – a great opportunity for retirees who know how to use a t-square and a circular saw.  No theater experience required – we’ll train.  Mostly a day-time schedule; from once in a while to a few days a week.  Call Nick at (830) 896-9393 x 305
  • Scrapbook/Filing Volunteers – we’ve got literally years of newspaper clippings waiting to be organized and filed.  Work here or at home.  A little at a time is ok!  Call Amy at extension 204.
  • Box Office Volunteers – we want to extend the hours our Box Office Window is open, so we’re looking for folks who don’t mind working with the public and with computers from about1pm to 5pm – once in a while or multiple days per week are OK!  Call Susan Burns at extension 202.

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