2020 Playhouse 2000 Season Passes


We are extremely proud to announce the slate of plays, musicals and special events we have planned for 2020!

The BUY TICKETS – 2020 PLAYHOUSE SEASON page lays out everything you can expect to enjoy next year in the 2020 Playhouse 2000 regular season.

As you read, you may want to consider picking up a Ticket Package for the year.  There are many benefits – both to you and to Playhouse 2000 – when you do.

For you, the Season Ticket Package offers substantial savings when compared to the cost of buying single tickets for each show.

And, you don’t give up the flexibility of deciding which of the many performances of each show you’ll attend.

The 2020 FLEX Pass offers a block of admissions you can use in any combination for any show.  See a play alone and invite four friends to the next if you like.  You still save money over the cost of individual tickets.

For us, your purchase helps us finish our fiscal year on a high note, enables us to confidently plan our upcoming year, and helps us understand how our audience wants to enjoy their theater-going experience.

Two money-saving Ticket Packages are available as well.

The Full Season Package provides one admission to each of the five Main Season productions at a cost of just $98 per person. Full Season Package holders save 15% over the cost of single tickets, and still determine which of the up to eight performance nights of each show best fits their schedule.

The Flex Package provides a set number of pre-paid admissions that can be used for any show and in any combination. The Flex Package is available in six-, eight-, and ten-admission sizes, and saves up to 12% when compared to single tickets.

Click on Subscribe Now below to purchase your Season Passes, Flex Passes, and Opening Night Dinner package for the regular 2020 Playhouse 2000 season!