Androcles and the Lion Has Successful Weekend

Androcles and the Lion gives our teen actors something to sink their teeth into

  The P2K Youth Theater Program took another giant step forward in February, creating their first event aimed specifically at participants in their teen years.

For this project, DirectorSarah Distel chose a wonderful adaptation of the well-known story ofAndrocles and the Lion created by James Englehardt.  It featured Lighting control by Kelly Burns Sound contol by Tyler Sutton, props by Trinity Urquhart and Zayna Evens on the running crew, all coordinated by Stage Manager Colton Vanfossen.

The Cast included Kevin Hill as Androcles, Marah Simpson as the

Lion, Ethan Vanfossen as Brutus,Elena Argil as Seneca, Braedon Schlechte as Plautus, Mikhah Johnsonas Terence, CJ Goodyear as The Empress, Rachel Simpson as Sadira, and Lilly Reeves as Hester.

The three performances were enjoyed by a wide variety of friends, family and visitors, who all gave the young thespians high marks.

The Youth Theater Program has already started rehearsal for their next show – Craig Sodaro adaptation of Greek heroes called Myths Busted, with our youngest actors providing a curtain-raiser of Where The Sidewalk Ends.  You can see it May 8, 9 and 10 in the VK Garage Theater.

[Thanks to Paul Stafford for these pics!]

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